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Stimulate your mind using our self-hypnosis programs!

Our programs will guide you into a deep, profound state of relaxation and saturate your subconscious mind with positive suggestions.   These CDs work best when used at your normal bedtime for 30 consecutive days.  You will drift into a deep, restful state of sleep, while your subconscious mind accepts positive suggestions
as reality.

Both your conscious and subconscious minds then work in harmony to achieve
the same goal.  This is a simple, proven, inexpensive way to achieve the results
you desire without attending a live seminar.
Remember:  Change Begins In The Mind!

__ Control Anger
__ Control Bedwetting
__ Control Drinking
__ Control Pain
__ Control Spending
__ Creative Thinking

__ Relieve Depression
__ Relieve Insomnia
__ Relieve Stress & Anxiety
__ Self-Confidence
__ Sports Improvement
__ Stop Nail Biting​​​​

__ Good Study Habits
__ How To Attract Love
__ Memory Improvement
__ Migraine Headaches
__ Money-Prosperity
__ Relieve Allergies​​​​​​​

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